Monday, August 17, 2009

the haunting of derek stone

at last, all 4 initial Derek Stone books are out! it feels like an eternity since i finished these up, but it's really exciting to see them all printed and official looking.

in other good news, i saw ponyo this weekend and while definitely a step in a new direction, still totally satisfied my high expectations. I honestly don't know how any artist couldn't be at least a LITTLE inspired by seeing Miyazaki's work on the big screen so go breath this one in! if nothing else it's really encouraging to see an artist still taking chances and trying new things at his age.


eamon said...

Covers look great, and I agree about Ponyo. It was good stuffs.

Eric Braddock said...

I agree, the covers look fantastic, man. I haven't seen Miyazaki's new movie, I'll probably wait til I can see it at home. Anyway, this is a good day, great to hear they're on shelves and hope they lead to more!