Friday, August 28, 2009

animal maaadness!

this update is a bit late, i know. been trying to clear some of the work off my pate before attending to the blog. well to make up for it, i've come up with a kickass "theme" to this post: animals!
for starters here's a little taste of what i've been working on. the birds are from a brand new Awakening page i just finished. i'm pretty happy with those little guys.

here's an extra crazy tshirt design for my good buddy Andre of Blowupnihilist/abominable iron sloth.

and finally, here's a very nearly finished cover for the debut album from Sarasota, things alive. this one was a blast. check out his entire album for free at his website:


Eric Braddock said...

Nice! these look really cool, man.

Bao-Tran Huynh said...

Wow...what beautiful imagery!

pw! said...

really incredible Alex. when i often roll my eyes at collage styles of illustration, it is refreshing encouraging and inspiring, if not always impressive, what you do with the medium(s). just amazing, and this post really exemplifies that