Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back from San Diego and feelin fine

another year, another comic con under my belt! to my surprise i've survived another trip to the madness of san diego comic con and in fact, i had a good time. it's good to see all the people that i only get to see at these conventions, and of course talk to interesting strangers, and sell my book! the AWAKENING hardcover is finally(!) out and available for purchase so Nick and I were hard at work all weekend.

to celebrate i thought i'd post some preliminary art for a new pitch that Nick and I are working on as well as a couple other little guys.

also, I was super briefly interviewed at the show by my good buddy and fellow Archaia artist Patrick Mcavoy for the Ninja Mountain podcast. if you feel like hearing me whine about my directionless future, you can find it here:

he actually got some really great interviews besides the tiny little boring one with me, including a very cool short chat with mr. jim steranko! check it out.


Ninja Mountain said...

Oh, my brutha, you are far too self-deprecating. Your interview rocks! Lots of useful talk about the philosophy of art styles in comics, illustration, Awakening, and other tidbits. I've listened to it a few times now and it's still cool! :)



This new project looks promising. Love the new colors you're using. I'm really excited about this.

John Kneeland said...

You should sell that "FOLLOW ME" picture to Twitter for its 'follow me on twitter' catchphrase.

And then use the money to buy a donut factory, because why the fuck not

eamon said...

Dis shit be awesome!