Friday, August 28, 2009

animal maaadness!

this update is a bit late, i know. been trying to clear some of the work off my pate before attending to the blog. well to make up for it, i've come up with a kickass "theme" to this post: animals!
for starters here's a little taste of what i've been working on. the birds are from a brand new Awakening page i just finished. i'm pretty happy with those little guys.

here's an extra crazy tshirt design for my good buddy Andre of Blowupnihilist/abominable iron sloth.

and finally, here's a very nearly finished cover for the debut album from Sarasota, things alive. this one was a blast. check out his entire album for free at his website:

Monday, August 17, 2009

the haunting of derek stone

at last, all 4 initial Derek Stone books are out! it feels like an eternity since i finished these up, but it's really exciting to see them all printed and official looking.

in other good news, i saw ponyo this weekend and while definitely a step in a new direction, still totally satisfied my high expectations. I honestly don't know how any artist couldn't be at least a LITTLE inspired by seeing Miyazaki's work on the big screen so go breath this one in! if nothing else it's really encouraging to see an artist still taking chances and trying new things at his age.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sketch dump/drawing is fun

it's update time again and i've been trying to do a lot more drawing for fun so i figured what better excuse to upload some things from my sketchbook.

my good friend the very talented Dan Trauten is working on adding some color/magic to the third one so hopefully i can post the finish soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back from San Diego and feelin fine

another year, another comic con under my belt! to my surprise i've survived another trip to the madness of san diego comic con and in fact, i had a good time. it's good to see all the people that i only get to see at these conventions, and of course talk to interesting strangers, and sell my book! the AWAKENING hardcover is finally(!) out and available for purchase so Nick and I were hard at work all weekend.

to celebrate i thought i'd post some preliminary art for a new pitch that Nick and I are working on as well as a couple other little guys.

also, I was super briefly interviewed at the show by my good buddy and fellow Archaia artist Patrick Mcavoy for the Ninja Mountain podcast. if you feel like hearing me whine about my directionless future, you can find it here:

he actually got some really great interviews besides the tiny little boring one with me, including a very cool short chat with mr. jim steranko! check it out.